2 down, 12 to go. 14 things for 2014

One thing on my ’14 things for 2014′ list, was to learn a new craft of skill. After getting some inspiration from a friend, Pinterest and etsy, I’ve decided to have a go at Lino printing.

I did try it in school many years ago, cut my fingers to shreds and 16 or so years later, I’m going back for more.

I’ve purchased a few bits to get myself started, a Lino cutter (with 5 different attachments), brown paper and some Lino blocks. I still need to buy some ink or paint and I’m good to go. It’s a very cheap craft to start doing, under £10 so far. The potential is there to save money, especially if I make my own gift wrap, tags and bags ect.

I have a few simple designs in mind to get myself started but I won’t reveal anything just yet, incase it goes pear-shaped Lino printing isn’t for me.



I like to think I’m quite crafty and I can turn my hand to most things, with the exception on knitting and crochet. They have both been disasters! I wanted to knit a baby blanket and crochet a baby hat but I don’t have the patience for either. Hopefully I won’t find Lino printing too difficult and will get quick results.