1 down, 13 to go – 14 things for 2014

Cross number 10 off the list, Willow is in her own room! She’s been in her own room for a week and has also been sleeping 12 hour nights! Willow has always been pretty much a good sleeper but not quite 12 hours, I realise I have now probably jinxed myself!

I think we must have been waking her up, either Simon snoring or the quilt rustling (no funny business) we have a feather quilt.

We are finally getting her into a proper routine, she’s in bed between 8pm-8.30pm and fingers crossed, it seems to be working.

I’m surprised it has been so easy, I was prepared for a very unhappy baby that would be up most of the night.

I soooooo hope I haven’t jinxed us, I’m enjoying my full nights sleep hahahahaha!

I wonder what will be crossed off the list next? Probably the cake smash as I wanted to do it pretty close to her 1st birthday. I bought some ‘W’ props from hobby craft that were in the sale. They will need to be decorated but I’m still not sure on the colour scheme for the shoot yet. I will also need to sort a backdrop and an outfit. I need to quickly improve my photography skills as well, they ain’t so great at the moment!

20140112-075118 pm.jpg