LED HUT Christmas lights

Yesterday we decided to put up our decorations. We don’t have many Christmas decorations because it’s just been the two of us up until now. As it’s Willow’s first Christmas, I want to make it special and I want the house to feel more Christmassy.

You may have seen from my previous posts that I’ve picked up a few Christmas bits and bobs, and when a review opportunity came up for Christmas lights, I jumped at it!

I was so excited when the box arrived……..

image (8)

Although the lights were packaged well, I was a bit disappointed with the packaging that the lights came in. The scenes on the box are lovely but I’m the type of person who would keep the box to store the lights in for future use. At a quick glance, you wouldn’t know what was in the box. There is a little product description on the box, but I feel like a picture of the lights would be much, much better.

image (9)

On opening the box, the lights were bundled up nice and neatly but I very much doubt I will have the patience to put them away like that!
 I was sent the warm white lights in a 5m length and they are lovely. We decided that we wouldn’t be having a Christmas tree this year as Willow has just started crawling and we didn’t want to risk a tree being pulled down or lights being chewed. I bought some suction cups and stuck them in the window for the lights to hook onto.
I really like them, they look lovely and they have 8 different modes:
1-Fast Fade
2-Random Fade
3-Random Flash
5-Fast Flash
6-Slow Fade
8-On Static.
There really is a setting for everyone depending on the atmosphere and what kind of mood you are in. You can change the setting with the click of a button, so simple to use!
Did you know you could save a huge 90% on your lighting bills simply by switching to LEDs?
Fed up of changing your bulbs? Long-lasting LEDs can keep going for more than 20 years!
I’m really, really pleased with these lights, I’d most definitely recommend them and because of the above facts, it makes so much sense to switch over to LED.
*I received this product to review and I have given my honest opinion*

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