More shopping…..

Someone decided that they wanted to go shopping into Cardiff, on a match day! Yes, mother, I’m looking at you!
Managed to get some lovely bits in TK Maxx. For a few weeks I’ve been on the lookout for a stocking holder for the babies Christmas stocking and today I found a nice one…..

20131130-085844 pm.jpg
It cost £12.99 and it’s rather heavy. They did have a different selection of stocking holders but I liked this one the most.
Picked up these lovely Christmas biscuit tins. I’m going to use them as Christmas decorations rather than storage tins. They were £7.99 each and I love them!

20131130-090632 pm.jpg
Primark – even though I hate this shop (way to busy, messy and hot), I can’t resist a bargain! Today, I bought a Christmas jumper for Willow. It was £7 and is super cute. I will post a picture of Willow wearing it closer to Christmas.

20131130-091539 pm.jpg
No shopping trip would be complete without food. We paid a trip to the Cardiff Christmas Market. I could spend an absolute fortune on these stalls, lots of lovely gifts for all ages. As we were walking, a man was handing out some brownie samples, the best brownies I’ve ever tasted. I had to have more, so, I bought an original brownie with warm chocolate sauce and cream, it was LUSH! I’m sorry, it didn’t last long enough to take a picture! Chockshop even deliver! You can order as a gift for someone (or yourself). I even went back and bought a box of 6 for £9.95.

20131130-092840 pm.jpg
I’ve taken a picture of a brownie in my hand, so you can see the size….

20131130-093104 pm.jpg as you can see, they are rather generous! Everyone should try these!
I did pick up some other bits and pieces but they need to be kept a secret, until Christmas 😉


One thought on “More shopping…..

  1. I tried these at the market on the weekend after reading your blog. I had it just on its own & although the consistency was brilliant I didn’t find them that ‘chocolatey’. I have a fab brownie recipe I will send to you which I think you’ll enjoy. Facebook me your email GB

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