Coughs and sneezes – Olbas and Jakemans giveaway!

So, it’s that time of year and we are already on cold number two. It’s awful when your little one is ill but there are a few things you can do to ease their symptoms. Baby paracetamol, ibuprofen and Olbas oil for children are the three things we couldn’t do without and they are getting used on a regular basis.

Olbas oil for children is so simple to use, just put a few drops on a tissue and place near baby but out of reach. A bottle lasts a very long time, I only need to use it twice a day, once in the morning and before bed, it’s cost effective because a little goes a very long way.

20131123-060754 pm.jpg

Did you know that parents lose up to a week’s worth of sleep a year due to their child having a cold?! I feel like I’ve lost that amount during the last month, let alone a year!

20131123-045504 pm.jpg

I was quite surprised by some of those figures, those sleepless nights add up quickly but the percentages have hardly changed on how to sooth a child between 3 months – 3 years and 3 years – 7 years.

If you are feeling a bit under the wether or suffering from the winter blues, enter my Olbas and Jakemans giveaway, you could win yourself, 2 bottles of Olbas Bath, 2 bags of Jakemans Mini’s Throat & Chest and 2 bags of Jakemans Minis Honey & Lemon.
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18 thoughts on “Coughs and sneezes – Olbas and Jakemans giveaway!

  1. A great tip is to raise one end of the cot with some books to help elevate baby’s head and unblock that stuffy nose.

    I was interested to see the gender differences in getting up in the night!!!!

  2. My best winter tip!! Make sure the air in your house stays hydrated! You can do this by buying humidifiers that hang over our radiators – or you can pop a bowl of water beneath/next to a radiator. It stops the niggly coughs and drying your skin out!

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