Yankee candles

Over the past two weeks, I’ve spent far too much on Yankee Candles. I bought some in the Zulily event (they were half price, it would have been rude not to) and I also attended a Yankee Candle Christmas shopping event at Butterflies.

Over 200 people RSVP’d for the event, so I knew it was going to be busy. When I arrived the que was down to the end of the block and was very slow moving.

The days leading up to the event, butterflies were teasing us by telling us there would be lots of special offers and they didn’t disappoint.

After an hour in the cold, I finally made it into the shop and had to que some more to get to the candle room at the back of the shop. I was just glad to be in the warm at this point! As I was waiting, I was offered a sweet (always a good thing), the staff were even offering drinks.

20131119-112125 am.jpg

A Christmas value gift set (two medium jars) was £19.99, I bought two, a set for me and a set to be split up and given as Christmas gifts. You can never go wrong with giving Yankee Candles as a gift.
Sets of 3 small jars were priced at £12, a bargain! And they even came with little Christmas hats that sit on the lid, cute!
But, the thing I love the most, is my new tart burner……

20131119-112633 am.jpg

I LOVE IT! It cost £24.99. Anyone who know me, knows that this is totally me! I think I can get away with using at all year round?

Butterflies offer a reward card scheme, spend over £10 and your card stamped, 10 stamps, £10 off. They also gift wrap, although that night they were really busy, they did offer for people to come back the next day to have items wrapped.

The thing I was most impressed with was the goodie bag! If you spent over £30, they gave a goodie bag. I was expecting the usual, leaflets ect but no, there was a sampler AND a medium jar candle! How generous of them!

By the time I came out of the shop, I was over £100 lighter and two hours had flown by.

Butterflies don’t just sell candles, they sell unique gifts and cards. There’s always something I could buy in there.

I do hope they do these events more often (my bank balance disagrees).

Keep up the good work, Ian and Jodie!


2 thoughts on “Yankee candles

  1. I love the burner! I’m waiting for my Yankee advent calender to arrive today, I just hope I can resist opening it! I’m currently burning Winter Wonderland which is a perfect scent for a miserable day.

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