Day 1

Now that Willow is nearly 9 months old, I finally feel motivated to lose the baby weight. I’ve roped in a few of my mummy friends and even the husband, we are all doing the 30 day shred!

When I was pregnant I put on 4 stone, I had SPD and ended up using crutches for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. I could hardly walk, let alone exercise and the hospital physiotherapist banned me from driving. I was practically house bound and even the shopping had to be delivered.

Yesterday was day 1 of the 30 day shred, I won’t lie, Im a little bit sore this morning but hopefully it will get easier.

The 30 day shred is a daily exercise DVD that takes 20 minutes a day. It has 3 levels and you move up a level when you feel ready. Along with healthy eating, it claims you could lose up to 20lbs.

I have taken a before picture, but I will save you the torture of posting it until I have a decent after picture to go alongside it.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a VERY sweet tooth. Hopefully, this is going to come to an end. Watch this space………


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