Today’s bargains

I LOVE nearly new sales! Today mum and I went to a nearly new sale in The Paget rooms in Penarth. It’s run by BATS and the majority of the profit goes toward their grants scheme.

We managed to get some amazing bargains. Toys, clothes, playpen and toiletries. Because it’s a nearly new sale, only items in really good condition are accepted. The clothes we bought were either brand new with tags or only worn a hand full of times.

Nearly new sales are always busy, elbows at the ready ladies, everyone is there for a bargain! You can save so much money by going to a sale. Parents-to-be can get kitted out for their new arrival at a fraction of the cost. Why spend more money than you have to?!

Here’s a picture of today’s haul, I think we did pretty well and there’s a few bits that are down my parents house

20131109-080939 pm.jpg

It’s got me thinking, there aren’t enough nearly new sales. Maybe I should organise my own……


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