Christmas is coming……

So, Christmas is coming and I think I’m pretty organised. We have bought more than enough for Willow. I just can’t stop myself from buying her presents, even though she won’t have a clue what’s going on! Crazy!

I’ve picked up a few bargains along the way, so it’s not too bad.

You may remember that I had a £15 Mamas and Papas voucher to spend, I decided to use it to buy Willow a Christmas outfit. We visited the Cardiff, Leckwith store, I didn’t think they had much of a selection, maybe 5 or 6 Christmas outfits and even then, there was only the one outfit in her size. It cost £16.50, so I only had to pay £1.50 towards it. Bargain!

20131107-021852 pm.jpg

Whilst I was still pregnant at the beginning on 2013, my mum picked up a Christmas babygro in the sales. It’s also from Mamas & Papas, I think it was half price and it will be great for wearing around the house and for Christmas Eve.

20131107-022221 pm.jpg

Today, I was browsing the Nutmeg range in my local Morrisons, they have some super cute Christmas clothes, including, socks, bib set, t-shirt and more. The prices are very, very reasonable and you don’t mind if they are only worn a few times. Watch this space, there may be more Christmas clothes purchased…….


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