More shopping…..

Someone decided that they wanted to go shopping into Cardiff, on a match day! Yes, mother, I’m looking at you!
Managed to get some lovely bits in TK Maxx. For a few weeks I’ve been on the lookout for a stocking holder for the babies Christmas stocking and today I found a nice one…..

20131130-085844 pm.jpg
It cost £12.99 and it’s rather heavy. They did have a different selection of stocking holders but I liked this one the most.
Picked up these lovely Christmas biscuit tins. I’m going to use them as Christmas decorations rather than storage tins. They were £7.99 each and I love them!

20131130-090632 pm.jpg
Primark – even though I hate this shop (way to busy, messy and hot), I can’t resist a bargain! Today, I bought a Christmas jumper for Willow. It was £7 and is super cute. I will post a picture of Willow wearing it closer to Christmas.

20131130-091539 pm.jpg
No shopping trip would be complete without food. We paid a trip to the Cardiff Christmas Market. I could spend an absolute fortune on these stalls, lots of lovely gifts for all ages. As we were walking, a man was handing out some brownie samples, the best brownies I’ve ever tasted. I had to have more, so, I bought an original brownie with warm chocolate sauce and cream, it was LUSH! I’m sorry, it didn’t last long enough to take a picture! Chockshop even deliver! You can order as a gift for someone (or yourself). I even went back and bought a box of 6 for £9.95.

20131130-092840 pm.jpg
I’ve taken a picture of a brownie in my hand, so you can see the size….

20131130-093104 pm.jpg as you can see, they are rather generous! Everyone should try these!
I did pick up some other bits and pieces but they need to be kept a secret, until Christmas 😉


November Nonabox

You may or may not have read my previous post on October’s Nonabox, I was so pleased with it and I couldn’t wait for my November’s box to arrive.

I signed up for a three month subscription and this box will sadly be my last. Every box has turned up late, and they are getting shipped out later and later in the month (we are now two days away from December).

Because October’s box was so good, I couldn’t wait to open this box but I was slightly disappointed……

20131128-031156 pm.jpg
At this point, I’m fit to burst with excitement because I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

20131128-031311 pm.jpg

20131128-031332 pm.jpg
The first item is a JoJo Maman Bebe changing mat clutch, it’s valued at £15. It’s very well made and made with a wipe clean material but I can’t help thinking that it’s a bit of a pointless item, I just don’t get it! It’s a clutch bag that has a changing mat inside, ok, as separate items yes but why put them together? There’s no room inside the bag for anything else, you may fit in a single nappy and a travel pack of wipes but that’s it. Plus, most parent already have a changing bag with mat inside.

20131128-034148 pm.jpg Here we have two Christmas books, a Fireman Sam book and a Mr Men book, both priced at £2.99 each. I don’t feel like these are age appropriate, the Fireman Sam book is 3+. I think I will put them away and bring them back out next Christmas.

20131128-085213 pm.jpg
Next up, is the Plum stage 1 porridge. Although I like the Plum products for Willow, we are past stage 1 and this will go unused.

20131128-085634 pm.jpg
JoJo Maman Bebe Henry rabbit comforter
This comforter was the one thing that we really liked, Willow tried to grab it straight away! It’s perfect for little hands, super soft and cuddly. I think it’s reasonably priced at £9 but I’ve just been on the JoJo Maman Bebe site and they no longer stock this item. I thought the Nonabox was a way to try new and exciting products, not products that have been discontinued?

We also had 2 x 7 ml sachets, one of Humphrey’s Corner baby bath and one baby shampoo. We’ve just used the bubble bath, it smells rather nice and bubbles up really well considering it was only 7ml. I would definitely consider buying these in the future, especially as they are organic, vegan, cruelty free and are mild on babies sensitive skin.

20131128-092626 pm.jpg
JoJo Maman Bebe pocket high chair retails at £14. It may come in handy, it may not but I will put it in the changing bag just incase.

Nonabox say that their boxes are tailored to suit but I don’t think this is the case as they are sending out goods that aren’t age appropriate. Looking at their facebook page, a lot of people feel the same. Two out of the three boxes have been amazing but I could help but feel let down by this months box. It did have the value in products, but the main product it useless to me and a few other products were not age appropriate.

Coughs and sneezes – Olbas and Jakemans giveaway!

So, it’s that time of year and we are already on cold number two. It’s awful when your little one is ill but there are a few things you can do to ease their symptoms. Baby paracetamol, ibuprofen and Olbas oil for children are the three things we couldn’t do without and they are getting used on a regular basis.

Olbas oil for children is so simple to use, just put a few drops on a tissue and place near baby but out of reach. A bottle lasts a very long time, I only need to use it twice a day, once in the morning and before bed, it’s cost effective because a little goes a very long way.

20131123-060754 pm.jpg

Did you know that parents lose up to a week’s worth of sleep a year due to their child having a cold?! I feel like I’ve lost that amount during the last month, let alone a year!

20131123-045504 pm.jpg

I was quite surprised by some of those figures, those sleepless nights add up quickly but the percentages have hardly changed on how to sooth a child between 3 months – 3 years and 3 years – 7 years.

If you are feeling a bit under the wether or suffering from the winter blues, enter my Olbas and Jakemans giveaway, you could win yourself, 2 bottles of Olbas Bath, 2 bags of Jakemans Mini’s Throat & Chest and 2 bags of Jakemans Minis Honey & Lemon.
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Day 4

I’ve just completed day 4! I didn’t shred yesterday as I had a work meeting and the only time I can workout, is when Willow is napping.

Some parts of the workout are getting easier but the abs section just makes me feel sick. I can’t even imaging going onto level 2 any time soon. Well done to anyone who manages to complete all 30 days!

Some of my mummy friends are on day 5 and are doing awesome, one mummy has even lost 4lb! Well done Alyssa!

Yankee candles

Over the past two weeks, I’ve spent far too much on Yankee Candles. I bought some in the Zulily event (they were half price, it would have been rude not to) and I also attended a Yankee Candle Christmas shopping event at Butterflies.

Over 200 people RSVP’d for the event, so I knew it was going to be busy. When I arrived the que was down to the end of the block and was very slow moving.

The days leading up to the event, butterflies were teasing us by telling us there would be lots of special offers and they didn’t disappoint.

After an hour in the cold, I finally made it into the shop and had to que some more to get to the candle room at the back of the shop. I was just glad to be in the warm at this point! As I was waiting, I was offered a sweet (always a good thing), the staff were even offering drinks.

20131119-112125 am.jpg

A Christmas value gift set (two medium jars) was £19.99, I bought two, a set for me and a set to be split up and given as Christmas gifts. You can never go wrong with giving Yankee Candles as a gift.
Sets of 3 small jars were priced at £12, a bargain! And they even came with little Christmas hats that sit on the lid, cute!
But, the thing I love the most, is my new tart burner……

20131119-112633 am.jpg

I LOVE IT! It cost £24.99. Anyone who know me, knows that this is totally me! I think I can get away with using at all year round?

Butterflies offer a reward card scheme, spend over £10 and your card stamped, 10 stamps, £10 off. They also gift wrap, although that night they were really busy, they did offer for people to come back the next day to have items wrapped.

The thing I was most impressed with was the goodie bag! If you spent over £30, they gave a goodie bag. I was expecting the usual, leaflets ect but no, there was a sampler AND a medium jar candle! How generous of them!

By the time I came out of the shop, I was over £100 lighter and two hours had flown by.

Butterflies don’t just sell candles, they sell unique gifts and cards. There’s always something I could buy in there.

I do hope they do these events more often (my bank balance disagrees).

Keep up the good work, Ian and Jodie!

Day 1

Now that Willow is nearly 9 months old, I finally feel motivated to lose the baby weight. I’ve roped in a few of my mummy friends and even the husband, we are all doing the 30 day shred!

When I was pregnant I put on 4 stone, I had SPD and ended up using crutches for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. I could hardly walk, let alone exercise and the hospital physiotherapist banned me from driving. I was practically house bound and even the shopping had to be delivered.

Yesterday was day 1 of the 30 day shred, I won’t lie, Im a little bit sore this morning but hopefully it will get easier.

The 30 day shred is a daily exercise DVD that takes 20 minutes a day. It has 3 levels and you move up a level when you feel ready. Along with healthy eating, it claims you could lose up to 20lbs.

I have taken a before picture, but I will save you the torture of posting it until I have a decent after picture to go alongside it.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a VERY sweet tooth. Hopefully, this is going to come to an end. Watch this space………

Little person – so much stuff

How can one little baby need so much stuff? I know, I know she doesn’t need it all but it’s nice to have.
Our living room has been taken over by baby equipment. We have, a baby chair, walker, rocking sheep, jumperoo, playpen (that’s full of toys), ball pit, snug chair, high chair, changing box and other storage boxes with yet even more toys!
Hopefully, the jumperoo will be going away soon to make room for Christmas presents but I guess we will be snowed under with baby/kids toys for many years to come!