The dreaded jabs

Today, Willow has been with us 9 weeks. People say the time flies by, it really does. I want time to slow down because she will only be little once but on the other hand, she is learning so much and changing every day its exciting to see.

Yesterday we took Willow to the Doctors for her 8 week jabs, it was horrible but it has to be done. My husband Simon came along with us and held Willow when the nurse gave her the injections. She cried for about 30 seconds then went to sleep! At about 6pm Willow started to feel the effects and was sobbing her heart out, we had already given her calpol and she couldn’t have any more until bed time. All we could do was give her lots of cuddles. It’s awful when your baby is in pain and there’s nothing you can do to help. We gave her more calpol before bed and she slept fine, I thought we were in for a rough night, this morning she is her normal happy self.

We also saw the health visitor as I wanted her to have a look at Willow’s head, it seems to be going a little bit flat on the one side. The health visitor is now referring Willow to a physiotherapist. I’ve ordered a special baby pillow that positions the babies head correctly, it should be arriving tomorrow. I will post some pictures up when it arrives and give a little review.


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