The joys of pregnancy

I won’t lie, I hated being pregnant, I must the most impatient person and I just wanted my baby to hurry up and arrive. Nobody tells you what to expect during pregnancy, how hard it is and how tired you will be.

The worse bits….

  • morning sickness
  • acid/heartburn, thank god for Omeprazole!
  • leaky boobies
  • bad back
  • piles
  • constipation
  • horrible spotty skin for the first 4 months
  • stretch marks
  • weeing a million times a night, sleeping through the night is now a distant memory…..
  • cravings, none of which were good cravings :s
  • massive weight gain, 4 stone to be precise! see the point above and it’s also the reason I got stretch marks
  • SPD/PGP, I suffered from about 17 weeks and ended up on crutches for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy


Even though I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy, I see this face and it was all worth it



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